Using Sub-Domains To Improve Search Engine Optimization

We were looking at the smartest way to structure our site.  At Delton Childs Media we do quite a bit of commercial photography. We were looking at how poor our photography page was and considering all the great commercial work we’ve done around San Antonio. Anything you put that much time and effort into producing should be featured on the website in some kind of meaningful way, right?  We started searching around the web to find out what the impact of completely separating a business service like photography, into it’s own website on it’s own subdomain so we could really take advantage of some of the beauty in website layouts specifically designed for photography as opposed to having a section on the website.  We were considering a subdomain to completely separate specific content to make it easier to navigate for users.

This inevitably lead to a SEO rabbit hole where we ended up watching video after video of different SEO experts and of course Matt Cutts famous SEO videos responses.  You guessed it, we found a few nuggets!

With regards to subdomaining.  This video answered a few questions for us as far as how this structure might impact SEO and dispelled any misconceptions in how we thought this might be advantageous. The take-away we snagged from this piece of advice was that if you do decide to sub-domin your site, do it for clear navigational purposes and not to simply try to gain some bizarre advantage.  The algorithms are smarter than that.


Author: Delton Childs

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